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Alabama DUI Statutes

Section § 32-5A-190: Reckless Driving

Section § 32-5A-191: Driving While Under Influence of Alcohol, Controlled Substances, Etc

Section § 32-5A-191.2: Administration and Disposition of Moneys in Impaired Drivers Trust Fund

Section § 32-5A-191.3: Operation of Vessel and Other Marine Devices While Under Influence of Alcohol or Controlled Substances

Section § 32-5A-192: Homicide by Vehicle or Vessel

Section § 32-5-192. Implied consent; when tests administered; suspension of license or permit to drive, etc., for refusal to submit to test

Section § 32-5A-193: Fleeing or Attempting to Elude Police Officer

Section § 32-5A-194: Chemical Tests; Admissible as Evidence; Procedure for Valid Chemical analyses; Permits for individuals performing analyses; persons qualified to withdraw blood; presumptions based on percet of alcohol in blood; refusal to submit; no liability for technician

Section § 32-5A-194.1: Effect of Certification Permits Issued by State Board of Health; Effect of Rules and Regulations Enacted by State Board of Health

Section § 32-5A-195: Cancellation, Suspension or Revocation of Driver’s License; Grounds, Procedure, Etc

Section § 32-5-200. Consent to blood test; definitions; incapacity; refusal to submit to test; notice of suspension, etc., of license; hearing; appeal.

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