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Ignition Interlock Devices in Alaska

An ignition interlock device (IID) is a handheld breath-testing device that is installed into a vehicle. Before the vehicle can be started the individual must exhale into the device: if the results of the breath test are .02% or higher, the vehicle will not start. Random breath samples while the car is in motion are required as well. Failure to provide a sample, or samples over .02% will start up the car alarm (e.g. horn honking and lights flashing) until the car is pulled over. The ignition interlock device must be installed in every vehicle the offender owns and operates and the offender is prohibited from driving in any vehicle that does not have the device installed.

An IID will be required for every DUI conviction: the length of time the IID must be installed depends on the type of offense and the penalties for that offense listed above. Further, if your BAC was between 0.16-0.24 at the time of your arrest, the court will require that you install an IID in your vehicle for a period of six months. If your BAC was above 0.24 then you will need to install an IID for twelve months.

You may be able to operate a vehicle without an IID owned by your employer and operated under the scope of your employment. However this is up to the judge’s discretion and usually a judge will require a letter signed by your employer acknowledging that he was told of your IID requirement and this letter must be kept in the vehicle at all times.

You are required to pay for all costs associated with the IID. Any attempt to tamper with the IID will result in further penalties. Further, if you are ordered by the court to install an IID and you are caught operating a vehicle without an IID, this is an additional misdemeanor offense.

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