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Driving Drunk With a Commercial Drivers License in Arizona

Commercial motor vehicles are considered a vehicle or a combination of vehicles that are larger in size than a normal vehicle.  Examples of such include buses, school buses, and vehicles used for the transportation of hazardous materials.

A DUI for a commercial vehicle operator differs from a regular DUI in that the legal BAC is not .08, but is .04.  Any person who was caught driving or had actual physical control of a commercial motor vehicle that required the person to obtain a commercial drivers license and has a BAC of .04 or greater is in violation of driving under the influence.  A commercial motor vehicle operator can be arrested for a lower BAC level than the normal motor vehicle driver due the fact that driving a commercial motor vehicle is believed to be of a more dangerous and riskier nature than that of a standard motor vehicle.  A person convicted of driving a commercial motor vehicle under the influence will be sentenced to at least 10 consecutive days in jail and will not be eligible for probation until completion of their sentence.  However, the court may allow the person to suspend all but one day of the jail term if they complete a court ordered alcohol or drug screening, education, or treatment program.  In addition, the person will have to pay a fine of $250 and may be ordered by the court to perform community restitution.

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