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Commercial Drivers License and DUI in Connecticut

A commercial vehicle is a motor vehicle which is not farm equipment, an emergency vehicle or a recreational vehicle weighing more than 26,001 pounds.  Other vehicles defined as commercial vehicles are motor vehicles which transport hazardous materials and buses which take children to and from school.  Hazardous substances include those that the federal government believes cause an unreasonable risk to a person’s health safety or property while being transported.  Examples of these types of substances include ammonia and arsenic.

A driver of a commercial vehicle cannot have a blood alcohol content of .04 or higher.  If the blood alcohol content of the driver is .04 or higher, the driver is exposed to many of the same punishments as an intoxicated driver of a non-commercial vehicle.

There is a significant difference in the DUI laws concerning drivers of commercial vehicles.  Commercial vehicle drivers are unable to take advantage of the Pretrial Alcohol Education Program.  In this program the driver spends one year in both a substance abuse treatment program and an alcohol intervention program.  If the appropriate treatment programs are completed successfully, the record will be assigned a non-public status and the charges will be dismissed.  No driver may participate in this program more than once every ten years and drivers of commercial motor vehicles are expressly excluded by statute.

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