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DUI Expungement in Connecticut

The state department which deals with expunging records is the State Board of Pardons and Parole.  The Board is part of the state department of corrections.  The Board may accept an application for a pardon beginning three years after the defendant is convicted of a misdemeanor or five years after a conviction for a felony.  If the defendant was a minor when he was convicted, an application can be made once the defendant reaches 21 years old and has not committed any crimes in the past five years.

In order to remove the conviction from his record, the defendant must request an absolute pardon.  The Board may grant a provisional pardon, but this does not remove the conviction from the defendant’s record.  A provisional pardon, which may applied for at any time after sentencing, removes any part of the defendant’s sentence which may prevent him from obtaining a license from the state.  The license may be a license to drive, or it may be another license, such as a professional license.  The provisional pardon will be granted so long as the license is necessary for the defendant to gain employment.     A provisional pardon may be revoked by the Board of Pardons and Paroles.  A provisional pardon is generally revoked if the defendant violates parole or probation.

The applicant is required to submit a form to the Board which includes a description of the crime committed and an explanation of what the applicant has done since his conviction.  The application includes a statement of why the applicant should have his criminal record removed.  The victim of the applicant’s crime is permitted to provide a statement to the Board.  The Board is a five member panel and four must vote in favor of the pardon for it to be granted.

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