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Commercial Drivers and DUI in Florida

If a driver is found to have had a blood-alcohol level of .04 or higher while driving a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or another impairing substance or has refused to submit to a field – sobriety or chemical test (tests administered by a police officer in the efforts of uncovering whether the individual is under the influence of alcohol and is driving a commercial motor vehicle then that person shall have his or her license suspended for a period of one year. This sentence (suspension of commercial driver’s license for a period of one year) shall also be the case if a person is found to be in possession of a controlled substance while driving a commercial motor vehicle. This punishment mandated by the state is not exhaustive and can exist in addition to any provisions of statute 316.193. The second time a person is arrested and then subsequently convicted of any of the previously mentioned offenses (in a separate incident), that person will receive a permanent suspension of his or her commercial driver’s license and will not be permitted to operate a commercial motor vehicle in the state of Florida. At this time, there is not a legal manner in which one may use to re-apply and/or re-qualify for a commercial driver’s license.

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