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DUI Expungement in Florida

Any court of competent jurisdiction may order a criminal record expunged. First however, the person has to apply for his or her own record to be expunged. The court looking to expunge the record of the adult or minor shall not do so until that person applies for and receives a certificate of expunction. The court may order the expunction of additional arrests if the additional violations relate back to and are connected to the original arrest. The court may also expunge a certain number of arrest(s) and only must declare its intention to do so beforehand. A completed expunction form by the court contains the following. It is easiest for an attorney to expunge a DUI case if it is the case that a driver was arrested, but no charges were filed, if the driver was arrested and charges were filed but then subsequently dropped, if the driver was arrested and charges were filed but then were dismissed by the court, or if the driver was charged with a DUI, but found to be not guilty. If the record of a person is expunged of a DUI, then the record may not be seen by potential employers or members of the general public, but can still be seen if the individual is applying for employment or certification or membership with certain state and federal agencies.

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