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DUI (OVII) for Nonresidents of Hawaii

If a person is visiting Hawaii and is arrested for an OVII, the person’s home state will be notified as well. When nonresidents are arrested for operating a vehicle under the influence of an intoxicant, the offenders’ state will be notified. When a nonresident’s driving privileges are administratively revoked, the person’s home state will be notified in writing of the official charges. Any other state in which the nonresident has driving and boating privileges, licenses or any other motor vehicles registered and return in the other states any license and any motor vehicle registration and number plates that were seized in Hawaii. Hawaii only has the authority to revoke the person’s right to drive in Hawaii. Hawaii will also return to the driver’s home state any license and/or motor vehicle registration and number plates that were taken when the driver was arrested. A visitor of Hawaii must follow the same laws as residents of Hawaii do. It will not be a valid defense if a visitor tries to defend their OVII by saying they did not know what the legal alcohol limit was for operating a vehicle.

Hawaii is part of the Driver License Compact that is an interstate compact used by exchange information concerning license suspensions and traffic violations of non-residents and forward them to the state where they are licensed. Typically the home state will take action to suspend the person’s license in that state as well. However, in order for the home state to take action against the person, the home state must have the equivalent statute. If the home state does not have an equivalent statute, no action can be taken. Only Wisconsin, Tennessee, Michigan and Georgia and Massachusetts are non-compact states and don’t share drunk driving conviction information.

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