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Admission of Evidence of DUI in Indiana

The results of analyses run on samples of bodily substances taken from an allegedly intoxicated driver are admissible in court. State law mandates that a physician or any qualified purpose operating under the direction of a physician (such as a nurse) must disclose the results of the test prosecution.  Such person may also testify in court or submit a report concerning the results of the test. Doctor-patient privilege does not apply to the test results and the medical personnel that administered the test are immune from being sued for their disclosure or testimony.

Direct oral testimony is also admissible in court. The accused motorist is allowed to testify in his own defense.  The arresting officer may also testify as to the observations he made at the time of the arrest or the motorist’s conduct during field sobriety testing.  Both sides may also call witnesses that were present at the scene of the arrest to testify about the events that they witnessed transpire

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