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DUI (OWI) Expungement in Iowa

Expungement refers to the legal process for removing or clearing a person’s criminal record from the court file or public record.  Once you are arrested, that arrest remains on your record unless you get it expunged, even if the charge was later dismissed.

An OWI may be expunged in Iowa if the defendant received a deferred judgment and fulfilled his probation and paid any and all fees owed. A deferred judgment refers to a postponed or delayed judgment, where the court gives the defendant the opportunity to complete a probationary period before sentencing and prior to any entry of conviction. If the defendant successfully completes his probation at the conclusion of the probationary period, the court will review the defendant’s file and may dismiss the charges against him.

You may be eligible for a deferred judgment on an Iowa OWI if (i) your blood alcohol content did not exceed .15, (ii) you did not have a prior OWI (whether deferred judgment or not), (iii) you did not refuse to consent to testing, and (iv) your OWI did not result in bodily injury to another person.

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