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Administrative Review Hearing in Louisiana

There are administrative implications in addition to the criminal consequences. If a person is arrested for DUI, the police officer will confiscate the offender’s license and issue a temporary 30-day driving permit, complete a notice of license suspension/revocation based on the nature of the offense along with a warrant, if applicable, and send the entire set to the Office of Motor Vehicles. The driver can schedule an administrative hearing within 15 days of the notice of suspension/revocation to challenge the action. However if the hearing goes against the driver, his license will be suspended or revoked based on his/her five year driving record. If the driver has any alcohol related convictions or suspensions for this five-year period, his license will be revoked for 365 days, and if not, then it will be suspended for 90 days. The driver may also be eligible to drive using a hardship license after the 30 days of suspension, and then become eligible to reinstate the driver’s. The suspension or revocation begins 30 days after the final order of the hearing officer is mailed from the Office of Motor Vehicles.

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