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Chemical Testing in Missouri

Chemical testing must be ordered by a valid law enforcement officer and it is up to that officer’s discretion which test shall be administered.  Up to two chemical tests may be requested.  A chemical test result is only considered as accurate and a admissible evidence when it is administered by licensed medical personal, or by a person with a valid permit issued by the state department of health and senior services specifically for this purpose.  In addition, the state department of health and senior service is expected to maintain standards in approving devices and equipment, as wells as establishing standards and evaluate competency of individuals and issuing permits to those administering tests.  Individuals being tested deserve to have a clean, sterilized environment with competent medical personal administering the test as per statute.

By law, once a person has submitted to the chemical test requested by a law enforcement officer, they may then also request a subsequent test.  This additional test can be of a medical personal of their choosing and is at their own cost.

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