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DUI (DWI) Expungement in Missouri

It is possible for alcohol-related driving convictions to be expunged in the state of Missouri.  Expungement is the legal way for an individual to have a past criminal convictions permanently removed from their record.  This way, any member of the general public, such as prospective employers, will not be able to see it.  However, the state will keep the records in case they are ever needed but this is only possible through an order of the court and must be for good cause.

Missouri allows for some private motorist’s alcohol-related driving offenses to be expunged after a period of ten years from their first and only alcohol-related conviction.  Convictions obtained from commercial drivers are not allowed to be expunged.  In addition, the driver must have not had obtained any additional alcohol-related driving offenses within the ten years since the last DWI conviction.  If a person meets these requirements and thinks that they are eligible, they can petition for an expungement in the municipal court in which they originally were convicted or plead guilty in.

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