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Underage DUI (DWI) in Missouri

Missouri has a more stringent policy in regards to underage intoxicated-related traffic violations.  Underage offenders are considered as any driver less than 21 years of age.   The main issue relating to underage DWI’s in the state only requires a .02 BAC level reading in order for an underage motorist to be considered as intoxicated.  This is considered as a “no tolerance policy” for underage drivers.  This “no tolerance” policy was enacted to punish and deter youth from underage drinking and drug use.  No other field sobriety tests, observational evidence are needed to prove that the underage person was intoxicated as just the fact that the person under the age and found with alcohol in their system is enough to be in violation of a DWI.

A first time underage DWI offense results in a 90-day suspension of a driver’s license. Second and subsequent offenses will result in a year suspension.

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