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DUI Expungement in Nevada

Expungement refers to the legal process in which an individual’s arrest or conviction may be erased from his/her criminal record. In Nevada there is no statute providing for expungement of criminal convictions, however records may be sealed for an eligible individual. A person convicted of crimes may have their records sealed after a number of years depending on the severity of the offense and the person has not been charged with any offense for which charges are pending or convicted of any offence, expect for minor moving or standing traffic violations. Juveniles may also have their records sealed upon reaching twenty-one.

In order to get a record sealed a person must apply to the court with appropriate jurisdiction over the records in order to get them sealed. A petition under 179.255 must,

(a)  Be accompanied by a current, verified record of the criminal history of the petitioner received from the local law enforcement agency of the city or county in which the petitioner appeared in court;

(b)  Include a list of any other public or private agency, company, official and other custodian of records that is reasonably known to the petitioner to have possession of records of the arrest and of the proceedings leading to the dismissal or acquittal and to whom the order to seal records, if issued, will be directed; and

(c)   Include information that, to the best knowledge and belief of the petitioner, accurately and completely identifies the records to be sealed.

Sealing of records is dependent on the courts discretion; If a petition to seal a record is granted the court will identify the person and agencies subject to the order and notify them.

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