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Sentence Enhancements for DUI in Nevada

Different circumstances can lead to sentence enhancements. Factors such as prior convictions, the presence of a child in the vehicle, speeding and/or reckless driving, a particularly high BAC, or causing an accident in which death, serious bodily harm or property damage occurs can all enhance an offender’s penalties. Enhancements can include thousands of dollars in fines, mandatory prison sentences, massive restitution and a loss of driving privileges for years if not permanently.

  • High BAC- If a DUI offender has a particularly high BAC at the time of the offense (0.18% or higher), he/she will likely face additional jail time, stiffer fines and more severe driver’s license suspensions.
  • Driving with open containers of alcohol-Nevada also has an open container law that makes it illegal to have open alcoholic drinks accessible in the driver or passenger area. If open alcoholic containers are found in the passenger or driver area, this can aggravate an offender’s sentence.
  • Child endangerment-Further, if an offender is found to have a young passenger in the car at the time of a DUI arrest (a child under 15 years old), the court will also consider this an aggravating factor during sentencing.
  • DUI in a school or construction zone- Being arrested for a DUI in a school or construction zone can enhance an offenders sentence as well.
If an individual is arrested with a particularly high BAC (0.18% or more) he/she is subjected to enhanced penalties

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