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Underage Drunk Driving in New Hampshire

Under New Hampshire law, driver’s under the age of 21 are considered intoxicated if a BAC test reveals the driver’s BAC to be at 0.02% or greater.  The reason for this is because it is illegal for people under 21 to consume any alcohol.  Usually, consuming the level of alcohol contained in just one beer over 0.02% for at least an hour.  This lower BAC level is the only difference in elements for drivers under the legal drinking age, and drivers who are under 21 years old can also be charge and convicted with Aggravated DWIs.

However, drivers under 21 may be subject to increased penalties for a DWI related conviction.  Receiving a DWI below the age of 21 will guarantee that the individual’s license is suspended for not less than one year.  Also, it is also more likely that an underage driver who receives a DWI will be required to install an ignition interlock device and that it be installed for a period of time that is greater than under other circumstances.  Finally, it is also more likely that upon conviction for an underage DWI, the court will require the individual to attend an alcohol abuse education program.

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