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Ignition Interlock Devices in New York

Under New York law, an ignition interlock device (IID) is an instrument that may be required to be installed in your vehicle as a penalty stemming from your conviction of a DUI – usually required as a part of your probation requirements. Once the court has mandated the installation of an IID, you must submit proof that this device was installed. The device must be installed in all vehicles that are owned or operated by the defendant. If the driver must drive as a part of their employment, they may drive the company vehicle without the required device as long as the employer is notified of the of the requirement and proof of this requirement is kept in the vehicle whenever operated by said driver. The driver must pay all costs associated with the IID – the install fees and the monthly fee.

In order to start a vehicle with an installed IID, you must first breath into the IID. Any and everyone who wants to drive a vehicle with an IID in place must also breath into the IID. While driving a vehicle with an IID in place, random breath samples are required to prevent someone from allowing a friend who is under the influence to take the wheel after it has been started. If a breath sample is not given or is over the level of  .05 BAC, an alarm will sound. You are allotted three minutes to give a breath sample. If  it is not given in that time, an alarm will sound.

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