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Administrative Review Hearing in Ohio

When the BMV orders a discretionary action (such as a license suspension) against your driving privileges then you have the right to a hearing to contest the action. If your license is suspended for an OVI or OVUAC you are entitled to an administrative review hearing with the Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV). You only have thirty days from the time you receive the notice that your license has been suspended to request an administrative review from the BMV. After making such a request, you will be notified of the time and place of the hearing. You can either represent yourself to the committee or you can choose to have your attorney represent you. During the hearing you are expected to present evidence, interview witnesses, and argue a case for why your driving privileges should not be suspended. After the hearing the Hearing Office will notify you by mail of their decision.

If your license is suspended for failing to provide proof of insurance when you were pulled over by a law enforcement officer, then you have ten days from the notice of suspension to request for an administrative hearing. There will also be a $30 hearing fee. During an administrative hearing on a noncompliance suspension such as this, you will be expected to limit your argument to the issue of whether or not proof of liability (or insurance) was present at the time you were stopped or had your accident.

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