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Ignition Interlock Devices in Oklahoma

An ignition interlock device is a mechanism installed to a vehicle’s dashboard. Before the vehicle can be started, the motorist must first breathe into the device. If the blood alcohol result is higher than the programmed blood alcohol content, the device prevents the engine from being started.

Under Oklahoma law, after being convicted for your third and fourth DUI, an ignition interlock system is attached to your vehicle. You will pay all expenses incurred; which is $175.00. You are required to keep the interlock device in good condition; random maintenance and calibrations may be ordered.

However, if you “make an overt or conscious attempt to physically disable, disconnect or wire around an ignition interlock device or intentionally fail to return an interlock device when it is no longer required in the vehicle upon request by the owner of the vehicle”, you are guilty of 47 Okla. St. 11-902a. Furthermore, if someone lets you borrow a car without an ignition interlock device, both you and that person are guilty of 47 Okla. St. 11-902a. Violating this section is a misdemeanor. You can be imprisoned for up to six months and a maximum fine of $500.00.

Oklahoma makes one exception for ignition interlock devices. Let’s say that you were found guilty of committing your third DUI. Under Oklahoma law, there is one way to prevent an ignition interlock device from being attached to your car; you must be an employer. As an employer, you may request the department of motor vehicle to not install the interlock device. To make the request, you must write a letter with your company’s name in the letterhead and send it to the department of Motor vehicles. The DMV will normally make your request unless: “(1) when the person is self-employed or owns part or all of the company or corporation, or exercises control over some part of the business which owns or leases the vehicle; or (2) when the person is employed by a relative who either is within the first degree of consanguinity or who resides in the same household.”

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