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Frequently Asked Questions about DUI in Utah

What is the rule in Utah regarding Commercial drivers license?

Utah had a special statute for commercial vehicle drivers. However, the statute has expired and no new statute was put in its place. As of this very moment, drivers of commercial vehicles are held to the same standard as normal civilian drivers. It’s unclear if Utah will enact a new statute or not.

What is the rule in Utah for Under DUI drivers?

As a general rule, Utah treats minors driving under the influence the same way as adults driving under the influence. The minor is still required to give a sample after being informed of the implied consent statute. However, the minor is automatically an alcohol restricted driver (ARD). A minor who drives with 0.01 BAC or higher will automatically get an ignition interlock device put in their vehicle. As far as I can tell, Utah had an earlier version of a minor DUI law, but it expired. Utah has yet to enact a new statute.

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