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Ignition Interlock Devices in Utah

An ignition interlock device is a mechanism installed to a vehicle’s dashboard. Before the vehicle can be started, the motorist must first breathe into the device. If the blood alcohol result is higher than the programmed blood alcohol content, the device prevents the engine from being started.

Under Utah law, if you are granted probation, an ignition interlock device is automatically placed in your vehicle for the duration of probation. You are required to install the device and make sure it works properly within 30 days. If you fail to install the device, probation is revoked and you will be placed in prison. The installation is at your own expense.

The ignition interlock device is maintained by the same company that installed the interlock device. The company is required to report semi-annually or when the court designates.

Utah makes one small exception, if you are required to drive a vehicle for work. You are required to inform your employer that you are currently on probation. You are also required to inform the court about your job and duties. You can only drive a vehicle without an ignition interlock device during the scope of your employment. Any other time is wholly prohibited.

During probation, you are not allowed to drive any vehicle without an ignition interlock device. Furthermore, no one else is allowed to use your vehicle or blow on the device. Any attempt to bypass the device will result in conviction of a Class B misdemeanor.

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