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Ignition Interlock Devices in Vermont

In Vermont, DUI offenders are able to operate a vehicle, other than a commercial vehicle, if issued a valid ignition interlock Restricted Drivers License (RDL). The commissioner shall issue an ignition interlock RDL to a person upon receipt of satisfactory proof of installation of an approved ignition interlock device in an mother vehicle to be operated, financial responsibility, and enrollment in an alcohol and driving education program.

The holder of an ignition interlock RDL shall pay the costs of installing, purchasing or leasing, and removing the ignition interlock device. Also, the holder must notify the commissioner and the department of corrections in writing if the device is removed or the vehicle in which the device is installed is sold, repossessed or otherwise conveyed.

The holder of an ignition interlock RDL shall operate only motor vehicles quipped with an ignition interlock device until his or her license is reinstated. The ignition interlock RDL may be permanently revoked if a person is convicted of a separate criminal offense or said person operates a vehicle without an ignition interlock device.

A motorist convicted of a first offense DUI may be eligible for a RDL after 30 days of their suspension has passed, unless death or serious injury occurred. This is the same for motorists who were under the legal drinking age as well. For second and third offenses a person may be eligible after 90 days of their suspension has passed. However, if the driver refused to comply with an evidentiary test, death or serious injury occurred or their license was suspended for life then they will not be eligible for an RDL.

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