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Administrative Review Hearings in D.C.

After being arrested for DUI/DWO/OWI, there is a short time period to request a hearing to prevent a driver’s license from being suspended pending the outcome of the criminal case. The period is five days from the time the driver receives an Official Notice of Proposed Suspension to request a hearing, if the driver is licensed in Washington D.C. An out of state driver is given 10 days. Failure to request a hearing within the allowed time will result in automatic suspension.

Once the suspension period expires, the driver must request reinstatement. The driver must retake each driver’s test (vision, road, and knowledge) in order to regain his/her driver’s license. If the driver does not complete the reinstatement requirements, the license will remain suspended and driving with a suspended license is punishable with up to one-year imprisonment or up to $5,000.

To complete the reinstatement requirements, a person must prove that they have successfully completed the DUI School, pay a reinstatement fee, and provide proof of financial responsibility for two years from the date of suspension/revocation, if they are over 21 years old. The last requirement is not required for minors when they are suspended for their first offense under the zero tolerance law. If the person is convicted of the second offense, the court may order an ignition interlock device to be placed for breathalyzer tests on any vehicle you drive.

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