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Administrative Review Hearing in Washington

When arrested for driving under the influence the defendant will have their license suspended, and given a 15 day temporary license. If the defendant wishes to challenge the revocation, the defendant can do so through the Washington Department of Licensing and request an administrative hearing. The hearing will be conducted by a review officer, acting as a judge in the case of the license revocation. The defendant can put forth their evidence and

If the defendant’s license is revoked after the hearing, they may appeal the ruling by paying several filing fees and charges.

Revocation of the defendant’s driver’s license is determined by the defendant’s five year driving record, and can be suspended up to one year.

To have the license reinstated the defendant will have to complete the Washington State Driving School, including the 8 hour Driving under the Influence program. The School also includes all the other requirements in obtaining a license such as the vision, road, and knowledge tests, plus a reinstatement fee based on number of offenses.

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