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DUI Penalties in Washington

For a Blood Alcohol content over .08% and without the showing of several other factors to be discussed later, the offense is a misdemeanor. For the first offense, the offender must serve 24 hours in jail, but no more than one year. The offender must pay several hundred dollars in fines, and lose their license for 90 days. The offender is also subject to an ignition interlock device and five years probation.

For a  Blood Alcohol Content over .15% the offense is automatically considered a felony in the state of Washington. Since the level of blood alcohol content at this stage is nearly twice the legal limit (below .08%), then the offense is considered must more serious, and caries a much stricter penalty. On the first offense, the offender must serve a minimum of 48 hours in jail, but no more than one year. The fines that the offender will be charged are stricter, at least over one thousand dollars, and their license will be suspended for one to two years. They will still be subject to the same ignition interlock penalty, and five years of probation

If you have a Blood Alcohol Content over .08% and under .15% (normally a misdemeanor) but also have several specific factors you will be subject to the stricter standards of a felony. Those standards include if you have had four or more offenses in the last ten years, or have ever been convicted of vehicular manslaughter or vehicular assault in Washington or another state. The rationale is that those individuals with a conviction record should know the penalties and dangers of committing a driving under the influence offense, and are punished more harshly by the law and judges if they are convicted.

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