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West Virginia DUI Laws

It is illegal in the State of West Virginia to drive either drunk, under the influence of any controlled substance, under the influence of any other drug, or under the combined influence of alcohol and any controlled substance or any other drug.  The limit to legally drive with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) is of below .08 percent.  The .08 percent BAC limit is the standard measurement used across the United States for the “impaired” driver.  The State of West Virginia has lower BAC limits for commercial drivers (.04) and drivers under the age of 21 (.02) or Zero Tolerance.  The West Virginia DUI law also prohibits the operation of a motor vehicle by drivers under the influence of controlled substances such as narcotics, inhalants, and other intoxicants.

West Virginia DUI involves 2 separate actions: Criminal and Administrative. Criminal proceedings lead to fines, jail, probation and other punishments. Administrative proceedings involve DMV suspension of your license.

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