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Prescription Drugs and DUI (OWI) in Wisconsin

Under Wisconsin law, it is illegal for a person to drive with a prescription drug in their bloodstream that prohibits them from maintaining control of the vehicle.  In most instances, the driver is aware that the prescription drugs are likely to impair driving because there will be a warning label on the prescription drug bottle.  However, there are many other prescription drugs that can impair driving but are not labeled.  In some cases, the actual prescription drug is unlikely to cause a problem for most people, but may react on certain individuals in an unfavorable manner that causes a lack of judgment, depth perception, distance perception or causes dizziness and other side effects that impede a person’s ability to drive.

Additionally, Wisconsin law also prohibits driving while under the influence of an over-the-counter medication if that medication impairs the driver’s ability to maintain control of the vehicle.  Similarly, while only a handful of people are affected negatively by over-the-counter medications, there are instances where the medication reacts differently on a person, or a combination of the medication or alcohol that will lead to impairment.

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