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Sentence Enhancements for DUI (OWI) in Wisconsin

The state of Wisconsin implements sentence enhancements for drivers that are tested with unusually high BAC levels.  For BAC levels that range between .17 and .199, the minimum and maximum fines are doubled.  For BAC levels that range between .2 and .249, the minimum and maximum fines are tripled.  Drivers who are tested with a BAC level greater than will have minimum and maximum fines that are quadrupled.  In addition to the BAC levels, if a driver is stopped while operating a vehicle intoxicated and has a minor passenger (defined as being under the age of 16), the minimum and maximum fine and jail time doubles as well.  When the driver faces the sentencing phase of his offense, the court may, at its discretion, assign a term of community service which will be added to any sentence.  If the driver had a minor passenger present in the car, the community service must be performed around children.  Other types of community service could include visiting a location that demonstrates the adverse effects of alcohol, speaking to children, or a number of things that a court could decide to impart on the convicted driver.  The Wisconsin statute also recommends treatment facilities or the emergency room, but this will not be forced on an unwilling person.  Should a driver face a second or subsequent offense, then their vehicle will be immobilized for a time not less than one year. This sanction will only apply if the driver was the sole owner/operator of the vehicle.

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